April 9, 2007

An acronym that has nothing to do with law enforcement; rather in this case tbi refers to “traumatic brain injury”. I’m surprised that no one else has picked up on this story. When I posted this on a forum, I was accused of getting my information from the “left wing blogosphere.” It came from www.discovermagazine.com, from an article titled “Dead Men Walking” regarding the future of Iraq veterans that have traumatic brain injury.

The facts are that while in the military, they receive fantastic care. But the facilities to care long-term for almost 10,000 of these soldiers are not there. These soldiers have been left blind, had half of their faces blown off, lost their limbs, all because they were providing service to their country. As long as they’re on active duty, getting care is not difficult. However, few of our VA hospitals have the clinicians to care for those with tbi coupled with psychological and social problems.

So, to the current administration – can you please justify to us taxpayers why you are cutting services and access to those services for those who’ve so valiantly served in your war? If you were a parent and caring for your child in this manner, you’d be charged with abuse and your child put in foster care. Who will provide the foster care for our soldiers?


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  1. […] have the clinicians to care for those with tbi coupled with psychological and social problems.https://kauli.wordpress.com/2007/04/09/tbi/Center??s focus: Mental health issues, severe brain injuries – Stars and StripesThe center will […]

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