Ancient Chinese secret, huhhhhh?

July 17, 2007

I read with some amusement this article China blames media for food scares 

Yeah, I wouldn’t want to know about dumplings being made from caustic soda, fat drippings, and cardboard picked up from the street. Deaths in Panama from medical ingredients purchased in China, toxins in pet and human food. Damn the media!

Check out what doesn’t make the news:

Recall Announcements

Tires, toothpaste, pet food. Here is just a sampling of what has been recalled since May:

Toys – Thomas the Tank Engine; Kazuma Meerkat 50 Youth ATV; Floating eyeballs;Play Wonder Toy Barbeque Grills; Tween Brands Inc.,Children’s Metal Jewelry; NRS Sea Kayak Paddle Floats; Fischer-Price Rainforest Open Top Take-Along™ Swings; Eli’s Small Drums and Liberty’s Large Drums; Tri-Star Ball Rattles, Wrist Rattles, Wind-Up Toys; Discovery Bunny Books; Baby Buddy Clip-on Books; Troy- Bilt Budding Gardener Complete Gardening Set; IQ Preschool™ Take-Apart Townhouse; Parents® Magazine Record-A-Voice Toy Cell Phones; Soft Blocks Tower Toys (on Graco® Baby Einstein® discover and play™ Activity Centers); Anima – Bamboo Collection Games;

Clothes: Red baby Long Johns; Creative Expressions Children’s Party Hats; Calypso jeweled sandals (sold at Nordstrom!); Pine Peak Blues children’s jackets; Children’s Airwalk® Compel Shoes

Jewelry: Crimzon Rose Silver Stud earrings sold at KMart; GeoCentral Butterfly Necklaces; Cardinal Distributing Children’s Turquoise Rings; Spandrel Sales & Marketing Children’s Necklaces, Bracelets and Rings; Oriental Trading Co. Children’s Religious Fish Necklaces

Furniture: Lasko Ceramic Heaters; Song Lin Sleigh Round Cribs;
Rockingham Deluxe Lounge Chairs (also sold as Vanderwall Folding Recliner Chairs); Currey & Company Table Lamps; Cracker Barrel Rooster Kitchen Stools; Lowe’s halogen Table Lamps, Berkline Heated Massage Recliners

Other: March or Die Mine/Shell Fireworks Device; 300 Shot Saturn Missiles Battery Fireworks; Gateway Lithium Ion Battery Packs; Pier 1 Blue/Green Dual Glassware Pieces; Vivre Royale Pine Cone Candles;   Evenflo Embrace™ Infant Car Seat/Carriers (also manufactured in USA);  Contractor’s Choice FasTest™ High Capacity Emergency Lighting Units; Orange/Red Glassware Pieces; Perfect Flame Four-Burner Gas Grills; Long Chang Lion 90cc All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs); Char-Broil Two-Burner Gas Grills Model 463720407

Now, can someone please enlighten me as to why we are importing all of these things? Because the vast majority of Americans couldn’t afford or wouldn’t rush out to buy it if it cost more? Because we are so materialistic that we’d rather farm out these items to China instead of pay a fair wage to workers?
“The rise of China has wiped out entire industries all across Europe….” Economic tide is on the turn


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