Dear Hillary,

May 26, 2008

A long, long time ago, when the world was a little different, I admired you. You went into Washington, not content to play a traditional First Lady role. You tried to bring about health care reform. Living in Appalachia, I all too often saw many go without, and understood how badly reform was needed. And when you addressed the role of family as caregivers for their elderly, I didn’t realize the impact that would one day have on me as I cared for my mom.

But all of that has changed, and the admiration and respect that I had for you then is quickly becoming a distant – very distant – memory. It is being replaced by the bitter bile that is exuding from your campaign.

This week was when the last of the admiration and respect crumbled. Let me put it into perspective for you. I am 52 years old. White. Female. I was in 3rd grade in a central Texas school when John Kennedy was shot. My teacher was pulled out of the room and when she came back in, the principal made the announcement over the PA system; all students gathered in the cafeteria to console and be consoled. President Kennedy was killed not far from my school, and we took it personally that our state had failed to protect him.

In the spring of 7th grade, Martin Luther King, Jr. was killed. He was killed by an ignorant dropout who was a habitual criminal. King believed in peaceful demonstrations. Evidently that was a scary thing to some Americans. Progress through peace. For the second time in such a few short years, another assassination.

And then, just a few weeks later, Robert Kennedy was gunned down in the kitchen of a Los Angeles hotel. I awoke to the news that he’d been assassinated on the day that I would leave Texas for good. His assassination, on top of the others, instilled in me a gut-wrenching churn that appears every time there is an election, every time a president makes a public appearance.

And you, Ms. Rodham-Clinton, went through those very same experiences. You do remember the stunned disbelief and sorrow that we, as a nation, went through after that, right? Your remarks were cold, calculated, and among the most callous of recent campaigns. It’s been a long campaign. Oh, you blame it on being tired. That is complete and utter bullshit.

Let’s take a look at MI and FL. You, along with Sen. Obama, signed a pledge stating that you would not campaign in either state. You wanted to make the DNC happpy. Sen. Obama, btw, also followed party rules by keeping his name off the ballot. You did not. Once you saw that you were not the front runner, you wanted the rules changed. And you and Mr. Bill have been trying to claw your way back to front runner status at any cost. At. Any. Cost.

You have loaned your campaign millions of dollars, you have shown that cute little 3 AM ad, you have replaced advisor with advisor more than once, you have failed to pay your campaign debts, you have been behind the attempted smear of Obama, and you have incited and given permission for the unthinkable. And at what cost? A woman’s husband, a child’s father, a nation’s hope.

Politics is dirty, no doubt about it. But you, dear lady, have brought it lower than it’s ever been. Showing women how not to give up? That one almost makes me vomit. What you have done is to paint a new version of the desperate female.

Withdraw Sen. Clinton and tell your husband to shut up. Sadly, there are few fond memories of the Clinton White House years. Please just go away before there are no fond memories.




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