McCain’s world for women: barefoot and pregnant

June 21, 2008

Supposedly there are women who were for Hillary that are now going over to McCain. I know it’s difficult when your candidate isn’t the nominee. Remember how much difficult it’s been these last 8 years. Do you really want more of that?

While there were pharmacies who refused to sell birth control to women, they continued to sell condoms. They continued to sell Viagra, Cialis, and other ED drugs. According to sales, the number of males affected with ED was epidemic and was not age specific. 4 hours. Perhaps Cindy McCain would like to tell us if the rhythm method works.

Welcome to John McCain’s future America.

Would you like that burkha with that?

Step. away. from. the. polls. You are no longer allowed to vote.

So former Hillary-now-McCain-supporters…you comfortable with that?



  1. Liberal networks and men commentators and anchors sabatoged
    H. Clinton. Obama had no right to the nomination over a much more competent women. Women groups should be outraged at
    what happened. Such immature small minded statements regarding McCain are sad.

  2. Who sabotaged Clinton? It would seem that Mr. C did quite well on that front, but he’s not a news person. You could probably say the same for Obama. You could say that for all of the candidates running.

    The networks didn’t have much of a Republican race and so they looked to the Democratic nominees to provide fodder for their newscasts. More viewers = more revenue $.

    Women’s groups should be outraged at McCain’s voting record.

    Funny, you don’t address the double-standard of birth control availability…which McCain endorses. Now that is sad.

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