GI Bill Blackmailing soldiers

June 22, 2008

So, to translate politician doublespeak, he voted against the bill because recruitment is down and we need to maintain our current retention rate?

K. Got it. The longer you stay in, the more $ you’ll get…maybe.

So to those who served years in Iraq but didn’t re-up, he basically said “f-you.”



  1. Did you see the segment on The Daily Show where they showed McCain talking about why he was against the bill? According to the study he quoted, retention rates would drop by 16%. What he failed to mention, and this is according to the same study, is that recruitment would increase by, guess how much…that’s right, 16%. Now I’m no mathematician, but don’t the two 16%’s cancel each other out?

  2. Nice follow up on him!

    I guess in his world -16% + 16% = -32%. His accountant must have a helluva time explaining things to him.

    Great to see you here!!!!

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