The disappearing story

June 24, 2008

A funny thing happened over at msnbc.com today. On their homepage earlier in the day there was a picture of a smiling Cindy McCain with a link to their article, “Who is Cindy McCain?”. I read the article and had I not known any better, well shoot, I’d have thought that she was peachy keen.

When I went back to double-check something in the article, the link was no longer at the top of their homepage. I scrolled down to the first gray box of other top stories, nothing. Scrolling further down to US, World, & Politics…still nothing. So I clicked on the Show 10 stories…nothing. Where is Cindy Lou?! Finally, on the Show 15 stories, she appeared. Viola! I clicked on that link which took me to that section’s front page, and no longer was Cindy’s picture there, just a link to the article.

It looks like the story backfired on the author and Newsweek, as there are many more negative comments basically calling them out on the same thing that I did – glossing over the truth. Guess with all the negative feedback, they didn’t want a lot of hits on that page.

As far as the story itself, it was a fluff piece. They omitted many of the dirty details about her drug addiction. My favorite line in the article was the reissued line that after speaking with her parents, she just stopped using. Evidently, just like that. But that’s not the story that the McCain’s told years earlier to the DEA. Oh, she’d gone to rehab. No, we misspoke, she’s going to rehab. Whatever. She got a sweetheart of a deal that no one else would have.

The line about the employee getting fired…they left out quite a bit on that too.

Oh, and the cause of the addiction seems to vary – from ruptured disks (from lifting children) to being depressed about her marriage.

Having prescriptions filled in associates names.

Yes folks, Cindy McCain has been reinvented. It’s the brand new and improved version.

No, I’m not fond of John McCain. But that has nothing to do with this. I think Cindy McCain has a great passion for helping children and I applaud her humanitarian efforts. Like her, I know the heartbreak of multiple miscarriages.   And I have great sympathy for what she must go through daily. But, you can’t willingly put yourself out there, repeatedly attacking your counterpart, repaint history, and expect us all to pretend that it’s the truth.

Any props for Michelle and the work that she has done in her community?

I didn’t think so.

The fact is, they’re having trouble with McCain’s appeal to the electorate, and they’re attempting to use Cindy. If they’re going to use her that much, they should have made her their candidate. It would be a much closer contest.


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