Water, anyone?

July 2, 2008

‘m a very inquisitive person. I’ve always asked questions that made others scratch their heads and wonder what made me think of something so obscure, something that others wouldn’t bother with. As I have slowly felt my country drifting away from what it had once been, like many others, I’ve begun to ask questions. Mainly, how did we get to this point and what are we doing to move beyond. I’m scared. Not for myself, but for my children and their children. The issue of torture and whether or not it’s effective has raised questions that I want to know the answer to.

“While signature does not bind a State, it does oblige the State to behave in a way which does not render the substance of the treaty meaningless when the State subsequently ratifies and solemnly undertakes to respect the treaty.”

I would argue that our country, being the Superpower that it is, has an obligation to adhere to the standards set forth in that agreement if for no other reason than to maintain the respect of our allies, (forget our self-respect) whom we do not need to alienate. But we didn’t do that now, did we?

I’ve already written on McCain’s support of water boarding even though those who are experts in questioning terror suspects agree it is not effective. So none of that here. I’m not an expert, but I’ll listen to them over the suits. If I need an operation, I’m going to listen to the surgeon, not the CEO of the hospital. To fully understand (at least hopefully this is as fully as any of us will get to understanding) what waterboarding is and how unstable in reliability it is, take a look at the video.

Some will cry “Foul!” over Vanity Fair posting the video. But it’s important that we understand that something so unreliable, and so unstable is what this administration and McCain are greenlighting. It does not keep us or anyone else safer. Quite the contrary. With our nation losing credibility with long-standing allies, we are in more peril over practices such as this.

A solemn thank you to Christopher Hitchens for his brave undertaking to give us a better understanding of this practice.

When it became acceptable



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