Ancient Chinese secret, huhhhh? Part 2

July 8, 2008

It’s time to revisit imports from China; however, this time it would only focus on food or food additives. These are some of the things that I found for June ’08:

  • Various listings for shiitake mushrooms. Reason: Filthy
  • Frozen cod. Reason: Filthy
  • Various listings for frozen breaded shrimp. Reasons: Unsafe additive, contains an unsafe food additive, appears to contain a new animal drug (or conversion product) that is unsafe
  • Spirulina/Sweetener. Reasons: does not identify as dietary supplement, false/misleading label, misbranded – does not list nutrient info., does not name place of business, manufacturer, packer, or distributor
  • Frozen, skinless, raw frog legs (ewww!). Reason: (appears to contain a new animal drug (or conversion product) that is unsafe
  • Goji berry. Reason: Appears to be adulterated because it contains a pesticide chemical.
  • Frozen salmon. Reason – Filthy
  • Honeyed dates – poisonous
  • Squid – filthy
  • Dried cooked mussel – salmonella
  • Green tea – pesticides
  • Frozen Alaska Pollock Fillets – Filthy
  • Frozen cooked crawfish – Listeria
  • Frozen seasoned Conger eel – Unsafe, and appears to contain a new animal drug (or conversion product) that is unsafe
  • White sesame seeds – Salmonella
  • Fermented bean curd – Filthy and Insanitary

Keep in mind that 98.7% of shipments are NOT inspected. Last month saw 257 food shipments from China refused.

“That’s by far the most of all the countries of the world,” says William Hubbard.

He knows the FDA inside out; Hubbard used to be its deputy commissioner and now works

with the Coalition for a Stronger FDA.

If you didn’t read it before, read it now. Your & your family’s health could depend on it.


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