World Links 7/14

July 14, 2008

World’s Oldest Blogger Makes Final Post

The Australian woman renowned as the world’s oldest internet blogger has made her final post, aged 108.

“It was mind blowing to her,” her great grandson Darren Stone, of Brisbane, told AAP tonight.

“She had people communicating with her from as far away as Russia and America on a continual basis, not just once in a while.”

New Mode of Gene Regulation Discovered in Mammals

The UCSC researchers found the ribozyme embedded within certain genes in mice, rats, horses, platypuses, and several other mammals. The genes are involved in the immune response and bone metabolism.

Russia may aim nukes at Europe

Russia is considering aiming nuclear weapons at western Europe for the first time since the end of the Cold War, according to senior defence sources in Moscow.

The move is in response to US plans to put anti-missile bases in eastern Europe for a defence shield against missiles from Iran and other countries.

The plans under discussion include the deployment of ballistic missiles to Kaliningrad, a Russian enclave between Lithuania and Poland. Kaliningrad has been nuclear-free since the US and Russia agreed to scale back their nuclear arsenals at the end of the Cold War.

The 11-year-old Romanian schoolgirl raped by her uncle tells moving story

A small, pretty girl wearing a pink hair-band sits before me, cuddling her mother tightly. Florina Vranceanu is 4ft 8in tall, has a disarmingly cheeky smile and looks younger than her 11 years.

It is impossible to match this delightful little girl to the horrific tale that led to her journey from a rural corner of Romania to King’s College Hospital in London last week to terminate her 21-week pregnancy.

Charged with War Crimes

A Bosnian man, now a Norwegian citizen, has been charged with war crimes, including rape and torture of civilian Serb men and women during the war in Bosnia.

This is the first in a series of cases of war crimes which will be tried by Norwegian courts in the near future, according to NRK. It is also the first case of war crimes tried by a Norwegian court since those brought after the Second Word War.

19th century condoms found in Salmanca library book

The condoms were wrapped in a newspaper dating from 1857.

Two condoms have been found inside a medicine book dating from the XVI century at Salamanca University. Made from pig gut, and with a blue ribbon used to tighten, the condoms came to light during a revision and cataloguing of the historical books in the library.

600,000 female domestic violence victims in Spain last year

Virginia Álvarez, responsible for internal police in Amnesty in Spain, said that quality health care, as part of an integrated response, with legal advice was still not in place for the victims. She illustrated the shortfalls of the system with some real case examples and lamented that police and health workers are often poorly trained in the area.

Chatty Burlar Overstays Welcome, Gets Arrested

Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Debbie Foster said a woman saw a man breaking into her home, and she called her husband.

husband hurried home and saw Baker making his getaway. He called 911
before heading over to talk to the suspect, whom he knows. The men
chatted by the side of the road until deputies arrived.

Odd Fish Find Contradicts Intelligent-Design Argument

The discovery of a missing link in the evolution of
bizarre flatfishes—each of which has both eyes on the same side of its
head—could give intelligent design advocates a sinking feeling.
CT scans of 50-million-year-old fossils have revealed an
intermediate species between primitive flatfishes (with eyes on both
sides of their heads) and the modern, lopsided versions, which include
sole, flounder, and halibut.


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