July 15, 2008

Cancer is a vicious trespasser on the body and a vile intruder into family’s lives; pancreatic cancer is particularly vicious and destructive. Last month, my children lost a very dear relative to pancreatic cancer. Next month, it could be someone you know. Please help stop this killer.

Some information about pancreatic cancer research:

  • 4th leading cause of cancer death
  • If you’re a male, you have a 20% higher chance of getting pancreatic cancer
  • The National Cancer Institute spends less than 2% of its budget on pancreatic cancer research
  • Pancreatic cancer is the only cancer where no progress has been made in thirty years. THIRTY YEARS!
  • Chronic pancreatitis has been linked to cancer of the pancreas
  • Diabetics have an increased risk of developing cancer of the pancreas
  • Those who’ve had  part of their stomach removed are at increased risk of developing pancreatic cancer
  • Diets high in meat, cholesterol fried foods and nitrosamines may increase the risk

PanCAN is working furiously to fight this disease, but they need our help. With gas prices going through the roof, people losing their homes and jobs, these are extremely difficult times. But even a tiny bit when combined with other tiny bits can become an avalanche. If you don’t know Randy Pausch’s story, Google his name. Become inspired. Donate to PanCAN. Or here. Both links are to PanCAN. Write to the NCI and ask why so little funding for such a devestating disease. Pray that no one you know ever receives a diagnosis of cancer of the pancreas.

Sometimes it helps to put faces to causes. If there is enough of a demand, I will add a page of images to honor those with pancreatic cancer. Feel free to send an image if you’d like.


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