Why Israel Can’t Attack Iran

July 16, 2008

Sometimes you come across nuggets that really do turn out to be gold. If there was ever a MUST READ, this is it. If you have already read this and not passed it along to me, shame on you! jk

Why Israel Can’t Attack Iran

I find it difficult to select just part of the article, but I’ve chosen these two paragraphs:

Iran, it must be remembered, possesses the largest oil reserves in the
world after Saudi Arabia. An Israeli attack would be considered an
American attack as well. Muhammad Jafari, who heads the Iranian
Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), talks about reprisals such as
mining the Straits of Hormuz, a step that would prevent oil tankers
from leaving the Persian Gulf. Iran would have other options as well,
like rocketing the oil fields of America’s ally, Saudi Arabia. It is
not hard to imagine what would happen to the world’s economies then.
And who would have caused the new Great Depression?…

The hysteria that Israel attempts to arouse against the prospect of an
Iranian bomb is on a par with the cries of a robbed pirate. Israel
itself has nuclear bombs (say foreign sources), and it rejects
international supervision, refusing to sign the non-proliferation
treaty. Its nuclear capability makes the Arab world edgy. For example,
Egypt claims that Israeli superiority in both conventional and
nonconventional terms is precisely what motivates countries like Iran
toward building doomsday weapons.

It’s a short article, but it’s packed with strong reasoning.


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