What fear bought

July 21, 2008

Love your country hard and quick, because the USA as you have known it, is about to become a memory.  In many ways, it already is. The government found the electorate’s weak spot – fear. And this administration has encouraged the growth of that fear to epidemic proportions. We are cowards. We don’t question them about fear, we just play the happy serfs and agree. We have codes all the colors of the rainbow to let us know where our fear-o-meter level should be. And as soon as we become not as fearful, there’s a conveniently timed bin Laden tape or “newly discovered” terrorist to reawaken the fear inside of us.

With an administration so bogged down in the quagmire of its own corruption, we beg them to do whatever it is to keep us safe, because we’ve bought into the fear factor. And if you’re not fearful enough, you’ll be tagged with names such as “liberal loving commie,” “leftist pig” or worse. For the price of that fear, we’ve been rewarded with the President legally entitled by ruling of the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals to arrest and imprison indefinitely and US citizen or legal resident. No charges pressed. No trial. Did I mention imprisoned indefinitely?

Ah, but you might be thinking, “But Kauli, these are dangerous times we live in. A President has to have the tools at his/her disposal to act quickly.”

Let me remind you that times have always been dangerous. Doubt it? . Start it at about 3:00.

There have always been groups that have wanted to attack us, to kill us, to annihilate us into oblivion. What separates us, or what used to separate us, was that we were once a nation of laws. Now we’re a nation of a President’s thought. We’re not imprisoned because the President hasn’t ordered it. Yet.

Exactly how would one define an enemy combatant? Because that’s all Bush needs to say about us before we’re picked up and indefinitely imprisoned. Is an enemy one who has threatened the lives and safety of our people? Is it one who conveniently fits a profile that we have been programmed to fear? Is it one who speaks out against government policy? About corruption in an administration whose approval numbers continually decline into darker territory? And the law doesn’t pertain to just THIS president- it’s Bush and any president in the future.

Bush has stated he wanted to be a dictator. Fear just handed it to him on a silver platter.


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