Where we should have been all along

July 21, 2008

Afghanistan. It has been an important trip for Obama. Indeed, it’s been important for the rest of the world to see that the United States does have hope. We will be a nation restored, and once that happens, we will again have credibility. Please keep him safe.

Report: Obama’s planned visit to the Mideast raises serious security concerns

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama arrived in Afghanistan on Saturday, as part of a Middle East trip that has many concerned about the candidate’s safety.

Evidently Obama’s safety is not the least bit important to McBlabbery.

“Obama is a good person,” said Abdul Basir, 40, a former army officer. During his campaign I heard he was saying that if I become president I will withdraw the U.S. troops from Iraq and bring them to Afghanistan and I will attack on the terror center on other side of border (in Pakistan). It is very important and I appreciated that

And for any of you who are still leaning toward McBully because he’s white, consider this comment:

“He’s welcome to our war-torn city, said Habibullah Hamdard, a 42-year-old teacher. If he has loved his children, he should love the Afghan children who are dying around the country every day. The white guy couldn’t do anything, let’s see what the black guy can do.”



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