July 29, 2008

Maybe I just overlooked the story in the China news links that I read daily. It could happen – especially if I’ve not had my morning coffee. One cup, that’s all the caffeine that it takes for me. Anyway, this comes from Sun2Surf, a Malaysian link.

Angry passengers crash computers, desks. Scores of Chinese air passengers smashed computers and desks and clashed with police on Tuesday after a night stranded at an airport without accommodation, state media said.

More than 170 passengers were due to leave Kunming, capital of southwestern Yunnan province, on three flights operated by China Southern Airlines late on Monday, but the flights were cancelled due to bad weather, Xinhua news agency said….

The passengers clashed with airport police on Tuesday morning, smashing computers and desks, Xinhua said, blaming the melee on China Southern staff’s “inappropriate working attitude”.

At around 2am, many of the passengers — including toddlers and people over 60 — took taxis to a hotel where China Southern said they could stay, only to be turned away once they arrived, Xinhua said.

Inappropriate working attitude – I’ve come across that before at airports, haven’t you? Think back to David Spade, SNL, & “Buh-bye”.  I can only imagine how angry someone must be in order to destroy a computer – mine runs slow sometimes, but I bow before the CPU each morning and give thanks. Winking 9 Deep breath in………now, slowly exhale.


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