Slipperies, Slimies, and Sleezies

July 30, 2008

No, they’re not the newly found members of Snow White and the Formerly 7 Dwarves.

I’m going to guess that most of you believe that anyone running for President, no matter what their party affiliation may be, should be held to equally tough scrutiny by journalists. They shouldn’t get a pass because of race, age, or gender. They shouldn’t get a pass, period. We didn’t ask them to run, they took it upon themselves.

Which makes me wonder: why does the press tiptoe around McCain?  They swoop down like vultures regarding a fist bump, question statements made by Michelle Obama; yet those very same journalists don’t ask about Cindy McCain stealing prescription drugs that she ordered in other people’s names. And they certainly don’t ask about her conflicting accounts of going cold turkey or going into rehab. Then there’s the pastor issue. I’m sure that I don’t need to remind you about Rev. Wright. But, where were the journalists having a field day over fundamentalist John Hagee? I haven’t been out of pocket for more than a day at a time – surely I didn’t miss a 3-5 day coverage did I? What about McCain’s numerous turnovers on issues?

If John Kerry had been captured by North Vietnam & referred to fellow POWs given an early release, as “slippery”, “slimy”, or “sleezy”, what would you have said about that?  Senator John McCain, “presumptive” (Don’t you love words that only come up around election time?) Republican nominee for President, said in reference to 3 groups of POW’s who were coming home in 1968; he referred to them as the “Slipperies, Slimies, and Sleezies”. Anyone want to defend that?

Here’s a comment that shows up around the 6:30 point in the video: “If you release any of these records that you have here in Hanoi, on me or any of the other POWs, you will never get diplomatic recognition.”

NOTE TO REPORTERS: It’s OK to ask candidates tough questions…just make certain that you don’t pussyfoot around one and slam the other. Saying that you’re fair and balanced doesn’t mean that you are, anymore than me saying that I’m the greatest chef makes me a great cook.


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