No thanks, I prefer a human

August 1, 2008

Does anyone remember the movie “Westworld”? Yul Brynner played the wacked out robot gun fighter? I hadn’t thought of that movie in years until tonight when I was reading this. I can envision it now: recall due to faulty wiring – discovered as robots around the world murder their lovers.

Janet, my cone throbs for you

Janet, my cone throbs for you

Here. “I am talking about loving relationships about 40 years from now,” David Levy, author of the book “Love + sex with robots”, told reporters at an international conference held last week at the University of Maastricht in the south-east of the country.

“When there are robots that have also emotions, personality, consciousness. They can talk to you, they can make you laugh. They can say they love you just like a human would say ‘I love you’, and say it as though they mean it.”

Well, give me a human who more than likely will mean it. My human is very sweet to me. I’ll take him over a robot any day. What I need is a housekeeper!


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