Mending Fences

August 3, 2008

Don’t mistake my criticisms of this administration as a lack of pride and appreciation of my country. Quite the contrary. I love America. I love what it has stood for in the past.  I am grateful for those who made sacrifices and those who continue to. But, this administration has acted like an unruly child; you know the one – breaking all the rules and then expressing remorse when caught (remorse at being caught, not at doing wrong). Unruly kids test the limits.  And, we the electorate, have allowed it to happen. “That’s just Georgie & Dick. They don’t mean nobody no harm.” We’ve been so busy trying to make ends meet, that we were too exhausted to care. Now we have to care, or the unruly child, arguably a juvenile delinquent at this point, will become a monster totally out of control.

As I researched what it would take for America to rebuild its relations with other countries – a new administration, a new approach, obviously – I came across an article by Andrew Schneider. Many people have said that they don’t care what the rest of the world thinks of us. Really? Think of it in these terms:

Until American forces are able to start exiting Iraq in significant numbers, and also able to leave the country in stable condition—highly unlikely in the near term—the perception of the U.S. abroad will remain that of an incompetent, aggressive and self-centered nation. Even assuming the best-case scenario for Iraq, the image-healing process would probably last well after Bush leaves office in January 2009, even if the next administration launches a major charm offensive overseas.


Keith Reinhard, president of Business for Diplomatic Action, a San Francisco-based private-sector task force, says global mistrust of the U.S. has major implications for national security. “What happens when we have no more friends to whisper in our ears that someone is planning to blow up our jetliners? Well, then someone will blow up our jetliners,” he argues.

Short article. Written January ’07. Well worth your reading time.


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  1. At least it is not going to be Charlie Crist from Florida! Recent internet Gosip is pointing that the Democrats may force him out of the closet! I dont believe this guy has goten as far as he has Hiding This? But lets NOT FORGET Mark Foley? IS Mark Foley his Lover? More Needs to be found out on this before the convention.

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