The Union, The Confederacy, This Election

August 3, 2008

My heart belongs to the South where I was fortunate enough to have learned respect and tolerance, and that what separates us is much smaller than what unites us. It’s where my heart will always be, even if I am not. Christopher Dickey has written an insightful piece on how this area will play in the upcoming election.

Southern Discomfort “Now this part of the country, where I have my deepest roots, feels raw again, its political emotions more exposed than they’ve been in decades. George W. Bush and Barack Hussein Obama have unsettled the South: the first with a reckless war and a weakened economy, the second with the color of his skin, the foreignness of his name, the lofty liberalism of his language. Suddenly the palliative prosperity that salved old, deep wounds no longer seems adequate to the task.”


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