Savior? Anti-Christ? Huh??????

August 6, 2008

Let’s see, last time, Rovian politics played up who’s more against the terrorists and the gay marriage issue. When you don’t have a valid argument, use God. Use Jesus. Use fear. Gets to ’em every time. Typical Rovian politics.

This election, they have to go bigger. They weren’t expecting a virtual unknown to come bursting through. They were expecting Hillary. Hillary was expecting Hillary. But what they got…

How to steal his thunder? How to make people gasp and turn away from the new guy? It had to be religion, but what angle???? The Rapture. Jokingly infer that Obama is the anti-Christ. Plant that seed of fear.

Some are buying it and very upset about it. That’s what confuses me. To believe that this is the end of time and not embrace it doesn’t seem logical. Maybe I’m missing something.

One more time – Obama is not the Messiah, he is not the anti-Christ, he is a mere mortal. A Christian. A husband. A father. For God’s sake, don’t let superstition and the fear mongers intimidate you this election. Empower yourself. Vote smart. Vote Obama.


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