Those (almost) Adult Kids Say the Darndest Things!

August 6, 2008

Obnoxious? Yeah, I suppose that would sum it up.

Here. The son of Colorado GOP Senate candidate Bob Schaffer is causing his dad a little embarrassment on the campaign trail this week.

Nineteen-year-old Justin Schaffer publicly apologized for putting up posters on his Facebook page including one declaring “Slavery Gets Shit Done.”

Of course, he couldn’t stop there.

Among the Facebook page additions are a plethora of images that mock Barack Obama — painting him as Muslim, elitist, homosexual and a terrorist. One even goes so far as to compare the presumptive Democratic candidate for president to the cereal-box character “Count Chocula.”

The page also includes several pro-gun images. One “bumper sticker” shows an image of Jesus holding an M-16 in front of a Confederate flag, with the words “What Would Republican Jesus Do?” Another features a bevy of different kinds of guns with the words, “Celebrate Diversity” underneath.

I’m going to give him a pass on this even though he should’ve known better.

His father spoke to 9NEWS on the phone after an event in Glenwood Springs Monday evening and said, “My wife and I have initiated a process of firm and severe discipline with our son.”

Perhaps this should have been initiated a long time ago.


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