Gracious concession? Don’t think so.

November 5, 2008

It’s been a long campaign process. It had to be. I’m kind of tired of hearing what a gracious concession speech McCain gave. Bullshit. Yep, you read it right…bullshit.

He had the opportunity, the perfect opportunity with a global audience listening, to set this nation off on the right foot and truly prove what a “maverick” he is. He could have put a nail in the coffin of the hate that has been brewing by those on the far right. He could have assured their bigoted little minds that President Obama is not a terrorist. Not the anti-Christ. He could have made a statement about how the “kill him” remarks needed to stop.

You don’t think that he wants to perpetuate that kind of stuff do you? The angry man?

Nah. Of course not. Why change the tone that we’ve had to listen to for the last 8 years. “You’re either with us or your against us.” Still the mantra.


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