Banks, automakers, and the still-can’t-locate-their-spines Dems

December 14, 2008

In the last 7 years, I learned more about global politics and finances than I ever thought I’d care about. It was like aquiring a taste for liver, which I loathe. The things that scare me are the extremists on the right and the left…eventually they become so extreme that they’ll meet in the middle. As the attempt at dismantling the unions, middle class America will disappear if it is successful.

“They” try to tell you the auto workers make too much money…that that is where a major problem lies. Really? Google the salaries of those on the executive boards of the big three. Receiving a $1 a year salary is a smokescreen. They won’t be sacrificing much. But what it does is to divert your attention  and make you believe that it is the fault of the unions. Pure and utter bullshit. In the meantime, AIG continues to spend millions of their bailout on feelgood parties.

Again, I tirelessly wait on the Democrats to assume their power and clear the cobwebs from their foggy brains and remember which party it was that has been the uplifting force for the working person. But aside from a few notables, the majority still haven’t found their backbones. Pathetic.


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