Straw, meet camel

April 12, 2009

She was assaulted in the parking lot as she left class. Surrounded by gangbangers that had arrived in two vehicles, emerging like circus clowns as they continued to seemingly endlessly pour out of vehicles. One was heard to be shouting, “She’s my girl! I’m a man! I’m a man!” Another student tried to get them to stop…he was used as a punching bag also. The police were called.  5 minutes went by. 10 minutes went by. No police. In the meantime, the assault continued.

When you read that it was a woman, were you upset? Did it sicken you?

The woman who was beaten, the woman who was surrounded by at least 8 men, and punched over and over again, the woman who but for one defender was ignored as she was being assailed…that woman was formerly a male.

Supposedly her being was enough to threaten a tough gangbanger into bringing his people with him as he futilily tried to reclaim his manhood. Evidently something he never had to begin with.

Something changed inside me with that story. I haven’t been able to sort it all out yet. Anger, I understand. Violence, I don’t. Gangs and their ties with rappers. Domestic violence. The lag time of immediate police response.


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