Fizzled, floundered, flopped

April 15, 2009

Cut taxes for 95% of taxpayers, and damn, that remaining 5% gets pissed to the gills.




  1. Please don’t make the tea parties out to be rich vs. poor, GOP/Republican vs. Democrat, class warfare stunts. They’re not. It’s the same people who complained about Bush expanding the scope of the government and increasing spending that are organizing these protests. And the “tax cut” that we got… out of the $13 I was promised, I only got $8.70. And that’ll expire in two years. I happen to be one of those “pissed to the gills”.

    And I’m pissed because I know what happened in the Weimar Republic after WWI, and most recently in Zimbabwe. I don’t want my grandkids to have to pay for a debt they had no part in creating. In my opinion, that’s financial child abuse. I don’t want to have to have a wheelbarrow full of money to buy a loaf of bread. That’s why I’m pissed. I think these tea parties are an EXCELLENT way to let the government know that we’re taking our voices back and it’s time they started listening to their bosses (us)! We’re putting the “we” back in “We the people”.

    Didn’t mean to go all activist on you. BTW, I like the new look of the website. It’s gonna take some getting used to, though.

    • Go “all activist” anytime – you’re my favorite dissenter! 😉 I don’t have a lot of time to write – lots of stuff due, and I just got handed a rather large project – lucky, huh?! Anyway, usually just short stuff.

      Don’t mistake my take on the tea bag party for being content. However, they were planned by lobbyist-backed groups such as Freedom Works and Americans for somethingorother (I’ll have to look it up.) These are organizations controlled by those with the $$$ and they are pissed off that they’re having to part with it…finally. FW and Americans for Prosperity (I think that’s it) are connected to, run by, etc., the conservative right, including Dick Armey, and the Koch family (big big money made in the oil industry).

      FW owns several IPs and the sites are made to look unprofessional for a reason. Seriously – it’s a known marketing gimmick, and one that they thought would work. The WSJ did a less than flattering article on them. These are the very same conservative groups that wanted to privatize Social Security – something that I am vehemently against. Also, the organizer, Eric Odom, should be ashamed of himself as putting himself out as an “ordinary American”. Bullshit.

      No, the class and party fingerprints are all over this one. I’m just glad that they were uncovered for who they are.

  2. How does that make these protests any different than the ones organized (and paid for) by ACORN and the SEIU to protest the AIG bonuses? It doesn’t matter who promoted them. The spirit of the protests is what’s important.

    There happened to be a joint tea party at our courthouse for Bledsoe and Sequatchie Counties. It was organized by two students. And while the vast majority were organized by conservatives, there were several started by Democrats. So it’s not a “party” thing, or a “rich” thing. It’s a “future of our country” thing.

    Yeah, a lot of the protesters and organizers used this as a bully pulpit to beat up on Obama. That’s not what the majority were about. And for them to do that goes against what the protests were about. But for the protesters to be labeled as “right-wing extremists”, which many in the “mainstream media” claimed, is just plain ridiculous. I happen to agree with the sentiment of the protests. Am I a “right-wing extremist”?

    • It matters who’s backing the protests because it then becomes a lot easier to see beyond the propaganda. Touch a common chord among the masses (c’mon, no one loves paying taxes) and you create a bandwagon effect.

      Corporations are having tantrums at giving up transparency, having oversights & regulations instituted. It’s a marketing gimmick, and they got a little attention.

  3. But it’s not about paying taxes. It’s about the government ignoring the masses, like they’ve done since the first Bush was in office.

    Oversights and regulations? It was the Republicans, I believe five years ago, who wanted more regulations for Freddie and Fannie. It was the Democrats who blocked them. Even the almighty Bill Clinton says that. And now Obama’s economic adviser is the former head of Freddie Mac. That doesn’t instill a lot of confidence in me.

    And I’ll say it again: don’t the protests over the AIG bonuses fall into the same category if you just go by who promoted them? It’s not about who promotes them, it’s about the message. And yes, being conservative our message is going to be different than liberals and progressives. But if you apply rules to one, shouldn’t you apply those same rules to all? And it wasn’t just conservatives. I would estimate, and this is only a guess, that about a quarter of the tea parties were organized by Democrats. There was one that stuck with me. This guy said he voted for Obama and for bigger government, he just didn’t think it would get this big.

    And out of all the “right-wing extremists” protesting, I’ve not heard of one instance of violence. But the left-wing protests at the G20 summit were full of violence. Our protests were about getting our message across. Theirs was about getting noticed, in my opinion.

    And if it was about taxes, it would still be a great message. We shouldn’t have been paying federal income tax since the end of WWII. That was meant to fund the government in times of war. We’ve not officially declared war on anyone since then (except the vague “war on terror” or the prettier name “overseas contingency operations”) . If we want to make it about taxes, that’s the message we’ll be sending (at least I will).

    And the next protest we have, if there’s one near here you can bet your sweet bippy I’ll be there.

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