Racist much?

April 18, 2009

rushitler1I’m going to tell you, what’s good for al-Qaeda is good for the Democratic Party in this country today. That’s how you boil this down. And it doesn’t have to be al-Qaeda. What’s good for terrorists is good for John Kerry. All you got to do is check the way they react. (15 March 2004)

They celebrate privately this attack in Spain. On Democrats (16 March 2004)

Hugo, Cesar — whatever. A Chavez is a Chavez. We’ve always had problems with them.

Can you imagine some poor welfare recipient in Arizona doesn’t know what’s up, doesn’t know why the check’s not as big, doesn’t know why the food stamps don’t stick to whatever he tries to mail? On Welfare (8 April 2004)

It’s one thing to have a sizable minority like the Democrats stand in your way, but it is just unacceptable when a tiny, tiny, tiny fraction of Republicans in Congress also rear up in opposition and join the liberal Democrats to derail an agenda. At some point that has to be faced. It has to be faced because these RINOs, these moderates, are undermining our agenda on taxes; they are undermining our agenda on spending; they are undermining our agenda on oil drilling, and they are undermining the war on terror — and I’ll give you some names. You want some names? Here they are: Olympia Snowe, John McCain, George Voinovich, Mike Castle, Christopher Shays, and about 30 to 35 others. (11 November 2005)

I don’t care if they’re Republican liberals or Democrat liberals, they’re still liberals. They’re not “moderates.” Don’t hit me with that. There’s no such thing as a moderate. A moderate is just a liberal disguise, and they are doing everything they can to derail the conservative agenda, and they’ve been frustrated, they haven’t been able to do anything about it because conservatism has been so strong. This propaganda attack on the president has weakened him. (11 November 2005)

They oughtta change Black History Month to Black Progress Month and start measuring it. (27 February 2006)

The media, the sports media, has got social concerns that they are first and foremost interested in, and they’re dumping on this guy — Rex Grossman — for one reason, folks, and that’s because he is a white quarterback …They, they just want this guy not to do well ’cause he’s a white quarterback … But the guy’s been targeted for destruction. (5 February 2007)

It’s called Operation Chaos. The dream end, I mean, if people say what is your exit strate… strategy, the dream end of this is that if this keeps up to the convention, and we have a replay of Chicago 1968, with burning cars, protests, fires, literal riots, and all of that, that’s the objective here. On the 2008 Democratic National Convention; April 23, 2008

When a gay person turns his back on you, it is anything but an insult; it’s an invitation.

~The preceding was brought to you by the inciteful (yes, that’s right) verbosity of Mr. EIB.


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