Extreme recruitment

May 2, 2009

Some folks upset over DHS’ report on extremism and how hate groups might use the recession, Obama’s election, etc. to draw veterans into their groups. Specifically, the American Legion was upset, which in turn upset others. Then Janet is having to sort of apologize for any misunderstanding, blah blah blah. She should have gone all Col. Jessup on them: “You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth!”. Just kidding…I think.

Did anyone bother to check before bitching though? From the FBI: Skinheads, the National Alliance, and National Socialist Movement recruited the most (72%)veterans of all the extremists groups. In October 2006, the National Socialist Movement received a number of queries from active duty Army and Marine personnel stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan expressing interest in joining the organization or inquiring about chapters located near domestic US military bases…multiple sources documents white supremacist extremist activity occurring at some military bases.”

Don’t believe me? Go check out the FBI’s site.

That, folks, was brought to you by the FBI several years ago. Didn’t hear you getting all indignant and bent out of shape then.

Where truth goes when you apologize for it.

Where truth goes when you apologize for it.



  1. Ha Ha Ha, It’s really a funny, It’s really look like it.

  2. Meant to comment on this when you posted it. The reason Janet had to apologize was because she didn’t even read the report before signing off on it (she admitted this much). She was just briefed on it. It was only 10 pages! I read it in about 15 minutes. According to it, I fit the profile of an extremist. I think we both know that ain’t true.

    • It’s not uncommon for bosses to ask for briefs on reports. Should she have read it after being briefed? Yes. But I’m guessing that she stays pretty much on top of hot button topics such as this.

      • I’m fine with her being briefed, but the report was a joke. Like I said, I fit the profile of an extremist. And why was it just “right-wing” extremists? Why not “left-wingers”? They’re just as guilty of terrorism as well yet no one reports on them.

      • The report was shortly thereafter shown to be accurate. As far as extremism goes, the SPLC – which is a credible watch organization, shows no favorites. Left, right, in-bewteen: they don’t care. It’s interesting though, that the increase in death threats to Obama are not coming from those on the left, but the right. I’d reason that that is why the focus would be where it is.

      • Actually the report was commissioned by the Bush administration so I don’t think the threats made against Obama were the driving force behind the report. What about the threats made against Bush, or even myself? The labeling of terrorism needs to stop. A terrorist is a terrorist is a terrorist. Left right, I don’t give a rats ass. I’m not an extremist but the report says I am. To me that negates the validity of the report.

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