Religious bullying

May 9, 2009

The dangers of extremism are well-illustrated in the religious arena.  You are either religious or you aren’t. I am not. Too many people have died being puppets in religious wars. Or at least wars that used religion to instill hatred and anger toward those that they were attempting to conquer. The Crusades, The 30 years War, The French Wars of Religion…and who can forget Adolf Hitler’s paranoia against his own bloodline – his attempted extermination of Jews. And the religious wars continue today (the matter of choice, gay rights, immigration reform, etc.)

Religious bullying is a problem around the world . I have my own beliefs about life outside the immediate realm. They’re my beliefs, and they’re no less valid than yours. Or the Pope’s. Or Hagee’s. Or Robertson’s. Or Rush’s. God forbid.  I don’t share my beliefs unless asked, and then only with people who will not berate or ridicule me for them. There are no polaroids or an Oprah interview with God, or letters in God’s handwriting telling us what is or isn’t. So respect my right to my views and I’ll reciprocate.

Really, is God on anyone’s side in war? sarcasm ahead And what’s with the swine flu thing? Who’s God punishing for that? If AIDS was sent to deal with homosexuality, who’s the swine flu sent for? Who was polio sent for? Who was cancer sent for? Who was Parkinson’s sent for? And why did God punish the dinosaurs by killing them off? They must have done something reallllly bad!


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  1. Hannah Szakacsy, a 14 year-old Camarillo high school student isn’t waiting around for the bully problem in schools to correct itself. The caring and innovative teen created “Stop the Bully”, a hands on comprehensive educational and interactive support system for kids who are bullied. Principal Patricia Kingsley wholeheartedly embraced Ms. Szakacsys well-thought out pay it forward plan to do something rather than sitting idle about an out-dated and never-ending issue too big and dangerous to ignore. Hannah Szakacsy is paving the way for everyone to get involved. The program hits the classroom every month and even includes mom Nancy Szakacsy M.S.LMFT to address any issues needing immediate assistance. “Stop The Bully’ includes an original composition by Hannah and Ali Chanel, a local teen recording artist who writes and performs with Hannah’s older brother Samson Szakacsy.

    The program is featured May 28th, 2009 at Elmhurst Elementary School and continues once a month.

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