May 23, 2009

We have an Akita – a big, loving and lovable, fiercely loyal dog. Mom is a Japanese Akita, Dad is an American Akita, which makes for the beauty that she is. She understands that the cats rule and allows them to romp over and around her; in turn, she occasionally gulps down their food, as her satiety level hasn’t ever been reached in 7 years. While she is sweet, funny, and adorable, make no mistake about it – if you attempt to bring harm to her family, she will take you down.

Living in the kidnap capital of the US and second only to Mexico City in the world, I rest easier knowing she’s on guard.


By the way, she has a secret weapon – her deadly gases will chase everyone out of the room. If she were a human male, she’d be constantly saying, “Pull my finger.” She loves to indulge in a loud burp prior to farting. That’s our girl!


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