Media Matters calls out CNN, CNBC, FBN, & Fox News

June 26, 2009

Media Matters calls out those who allow the perpetuation of lies regarding health care reform. A!men. Some are shelling out big bucks to pay for the lies.

“As the debate over health care reform proceeds, it is crucial that discussions and reports on the subject are accurate and fair. If the networks insist on hosting Ms. McCaughey to discuss health care, they have an obligation to their viewers to challenge and debunk her falsehoods.”

I bow down before Media Matters for America’s president, Eric Burns, who is awaiting a response from senior executives at the networks.

During a March 27 appearance on Fox News’ Hannity, Sean Hannity allowed Ms. McCaughey to falsely assert that the stimulus’ health IT provision would “deliver protocols that will tell your doctor to limit care to what the government’s advisers deem cost-effective.”

CNN’s American Morning hosted Ms. McCaughey on June 24, with John Roberts introducing her as a “long-time expert in public health.” Mr. Roberts failed to note her previous falsehood on CNN. He then allowed Ms. McCaughey to assert without challenge that the Affordable Health Choices Act “[b]asically … pushes everyone into an HMO-style plan” and that most Americans will have to “go through what they call a ‘medical home,’ which is this decade’s term for an HMO gatekeeper.” Similarly, on the June 16 edition of CNBC’s The Kudlow Report, Larry Kudlow hosted Ms. McCaughey and failed to challenge her assertions that the Affordable Health Choices Act “pushes Americans into low-budget plans” and that the bill “restricts the choice that other Americans have. If you have your plan and you like it, you may not be able to keep it unless it’s an HMO-style plan.”

In fact, the proposed bill does not require people to give up their health insurance nor does it “push” people into “an HMO-style plan.”

For the rest of the letter go here. It’s well worth your time…and thought.


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