What a week

June 27, 2009

I expect that we’ll be hearing soon from the Weeble Wobbler of North Korea. First he became pissed over what was happening in Iran – stealing his attention. Little rat bastard needs to be taken care of. His people are starving and laying dead in the streets, and he wants to kill more. Probably trying to set his son up to be as feared by his people as he is.It’s okay little man – you will be dealt with once and for all if you try anything.

Did you read the emails between Gov. Sanford and his mistress?  Now those were some seriously hot notes! I had to turn the a/c down and soak in a tub of ice after reading them. Funny, Sanford and the others who wanted to hang Clinton over the cigar are ready to embrace Sanford. Hypocrites. They don’t want you having sex, but they want all they can get. You know, it’s beginning to sound like Rush is jealous of Obama – really, blaming Obama because Sanford had an affair? WTF?! Life in Rushland, room for only 1.


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