Congratulations to Audra Shay

July 12, 2009

s-AUDRA-SHAY-largeWow, who’d have thunk it?! I’m all tingly with the news. Racism getting you elected to chair the Jr. KK…oops, my bad, I mean the Young Republicans! I’m just soooo surprised. Your election after self-protestations of innocence and even more racist comments (of your own, not your followers) is truly an affirmation of why I abhor Conservatism and all that it has come to be known for.

“Elections bring a lot of emotion out of people,” said delegate Katherine Miller, 24, Lexington, Ky. ‘But this controversy really is not the decisive factor for the majority of people voting here. There are so many important issues we are considering. It really has been played up a little bigger than it really is.’ ” Which implies that Ms. Miller and others don’t take race-baiting seriously.  Perhaps she needs to study American history a little more thoroughly;  failure to understand how that weaves itself into today’s “important issues” is a failure to understand the role of America’s past and future.

But hey, congratulations Ms. Shay.  You have clearly defined the future of your party. I’m sure that your honorary robe is on its way.

Was that too much? Over the line? Good.


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