Health care reform w/ public option NOW!

July 12, 2009

What would you say about 350+ health care industry lobbyists haranging members of Congress?

sphere of influence

What would you say about the health care industry spending $1.4 million per day just to make sure that any health care bills that are passed will be so watered down that they won’t make a positive impact? Do you understand how much money they have in order to allow that expense? Or do you care? 32 years ago, a family member was charged $100 for every Tylenol tablet he received in the hospital. Every single one, and over the course of 6 weeks, it was quite a few.  I wonder what it the cost is now.

Another study indicates that by controlling health care costs, 2.5 million jobs could be created over 5 years without raising inflation, and improving economic growth.

What are “they” so afraid of?tooofunny9585



  1. I would say, if they have that much money, 1.4 million per day, how come they so adamantly deny coverage whenever possible?

    Truth is, the government plan will be better than all private options. That is why they are so scared that they need to spend so much money trying to kill this legislation.

    • I agree with you. Let’s just hope that the scare tactics don’t work.

    • But the government can’t fund the VA properly. Medicare and Medicaid ration care. It took them running out of the $1 billion set aside for the cash for clunkers program, that was supposed to last until November, in less than a week to realize that people like free stuff. The $1T – $1.5T estimated cost of government health care is most likely grossly understated. This is not someone I want in charge of my coverage and treatment.

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