One Punk Under God

July 16, 2009

I give religion a bad rap, and deservedly so. It’s used to promote wars, hate, and greed. But, there is a church that stands alone, unique in its existence. Accepting of everyone. Every. One. And they do something that mainstream Christian churches have forgotten, or neglected to do. They preach about Christ’s love. Whether you are a believer or not, is not important to understanding Revolution.

If you saw the “One Punk Under God” series, then you already know that one of its three founders is Jay Bakker. Yes, Bakker as in PTL. Whatever your feelings are about that, lay them aside. It must have been hell to be a young child and have that play out in your home.  Jay Bakker is the antithesis of what I expected. Knowledgeable and thoughtful, he embraces the different. I suppose that is the commonality that caused me to look further into Revolution.

Revolution is the one hope that I have that religion can be sane. Their web site is experiencing some technical problems right now, but if you haven’t read up on Revolution or “One Punk Under God” it would be time well spent. I hope Jay Bakker never changes.


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