We’re all (almost) going to hell

July 25, 2009

You know that group of “Christians” that protests at soldiers’ funerals, or where ever they can find a vacant corner? Well, they showed up again. This time at Walter Cronkite’s funeral. Yep. That’s right. That radical, satan-loving reporter. From John Avlon in The Daily Beast, Family of  Hate . 

FredPhelps 3Their press release: “We protest all this holy Cronkite worship. He was no hero to God. On his Cronkite Watch, America was surrendered to the fag-agenda. Ergo, Cronkite is now in Hell. And that’s the way it is. God hates Cronkite. “

The founder of this group of religious zealot nuts is Fred Phelps. 9 of his 13 children reside in the Topeka compound where they were raised. Phelps gradually bought all of the houses on the block, street, whatever. So there is no need for associating with all of the future hell bound heathens that live around.

The youngest daughter (Fred’s granddaughter) there, 16-year old Grace-Elizabeth, sports a navy blue “Priests Rape Boys” T-shirt and shuffled around on an Israeli flag. Despite that, she seems uncomfortable while her mother screams beside her. I ask Grace if she wanted to be there. “Oh yes, this is fun,” she gushes. “It’s the best thing we could be doing with our time.”

Fred Phelps used to beat his children. With a mattock, with a broomstick, with a razor strop, with his fists. One of his congregation witnessed him slapping one of his sons in the face back and forth.

His wife, Marge, was not spared from beatings either. If she and the children weren’t being subservient, out came the abuse. At one point, she had convinced him to no longer beat the children until they were at least a year old. She tried once to leave him. She took her, at the time, 9 children, loaded them in the car and drove to her sister – who hadn’t seen her in years. But the sister’s husband had a meager salary, the living quarters were not large enough to hold 10 more people, so Marge Phelps loaded her children back in the car and headed back home.

I haven’t yet finished reading Addicted to Hate – The Fred Phelps Story. But it makes for compelling reading. You can download it for free.

His letter to Fred Thompson wanting to know if he still hated the gays (Fred, all that time you spent in movies and on tv…were you homophobic?), and his “news release” about picketing at Heath Ledger’s funeral…’cause you know, he didn’t make it to heaven after that gay cowboy movie.

“One day my father and I were running down at the track inside the YMCA. There was an old blind man who always jogged on the inside

lane because he could feel the edge of the track with his cane. “My father was in a sour mood that day, and the old man was weaving a bit as he worked his way around the track with his stick to guide him.

My father began to threaten him each time he lapped him, telling the blind jogger if he didn’t stay out of my father’s way, my father would knock him out of the way.

“Finally, the old man started crying. He left the track and stood there crying – I guess what were tears of frustration – and then he left. I never saw him back there again.” [p. 77]

Ah, what a sweet ol’ prick.

Serious case of the crazies going on there.


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