Canadian Health Care Facts

July 26, 2009

From a Canadian’s p-o-v.

Debunking Canandian Health Care Myths

After you read this, go read the entire article. For some folks, no amount of myth-busting will satisfy them. But, give this a try.

Myth: There are long waits for care, which compromise access to care.There are no waits for urgent or primary care in Canada. There are reasonable waits for most specialists’ care, and much longer waits for elective surgery. Yes, there are those instances where a patient can wait up to a month for radiation therapy for breast cancer or prostate cancer, for example. However, the wait has nothing to do with money per se, but everything to do with the lack of radiation therapists. Despite such waits, however, it is noteworthy that Canada boasts lower incident and mortality rates than the U.S. for all cancers combined, according to the U.S. Cancer Statistics Working Group and the Canadian Cancer Society. Moreover, fewer Canadians (11.3 percent) than Americans (14.4 percent) admit unmet health care needs.



  1. But what about stories like the Canadian woman (whose name eludes me at the moment) who had a malignant brain tumor and was told she would have to wait AT LEAST six months before she could be treated? She wound up crossing the border and getting the attention she needed in the U.S. and thanks to our system, she’s alive today. Access isn’t the issue here. EVERYONE, citizens and non-citizens alike, has access. It’s the cost that needs revamping. Dr. John Muney in New York and Qliance in Seattle, along with doctors in sixteen other states, have the right idea, not the government (who I find it odd that complained about the size, and weight, of the bills being passed under Bush but have no problem pushing 1,000+ page bills now that Dems are in charge). The answer is simple. It’s not really a complex issue. I have absolutely no faith in government-run health care based on government-run health care programs such as Medicare & the VA. And despite what Obama has said recently, he’s on the record as saying that he wants a single-payer system. Gimme a couple days and I’ll find the video.

    • Shona Holmes lied about her own condition. It was not malignant, it was a benign cyst on her pituitary gland that was not in danger of spreading. It wasn’t urgent yet she didn’t want to wait behind others whose conditions were life-threatening. Now she’s the darling that Mitch McConnell and others use to scare people.

      • She’s actually not who I was thinking of. Gimme some time & I’ll find her name. What about the lotteries some towns in Canada have to determine who gets to see a doctor because they don’t have enough funds to provide for everyone? John Stossle had a segment on 20/20 last week on the very real horror stories of Canadian & British health care that should’ve opened peoples eyes.

      • Check out what this Canadian has to say about Stossle’s “report”. Other than that, I don’t really know about the lottery other than there are some real credibility issues with Stossle’s “unbiased” reporting.

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