A conservative speaks out against the Birthers movement

July 29, 2009

Nice find. Bill Pascoe helped in the Senate campaigns against Obama. First, with Jack Ryan, and then with Alan Keyes. This won’t shut the Birthers up, but it does show that there are sane people on both sides.

I’d prefer he be a little more to the left, but as it’s been pointed out to me time and again, it’s not all about me. (Are we sure about that?????)

Keyes, Birthers, Buckley & Birchers: Oh My!

“Dear Birthers: Stop! Sincerely, Serious Conservatives.”I’ve held fire for the last several months as I’ve watched the so-called “Birther” movement gain steam. At first it was amusing…It’s not amusing anymore.

…I can attest to the fact that nowhere in our opposition research did we find any reason to believe that the man was not a natural born citizen of the United States.

I can also attest to the fact that Alan Keyes…never raised any doubts about Obama’s alleged overseas birth while he was running against Obama for the United States Senate in Illinois in 2004.

Alan Keyes said all sorts of other nutty things while he was the GOP Senate nominee in 2004, the kinds of things that cause campaign operatives to go gray prematurely…but he never once challenged Obama’s place of birth.

…Am I the only one to notice that mainstream media attention to the “Birthers” has picked up in recent weeks, and that this increased attention is coincident to the turn in Obama’s approval ratings?

…I believe the time has come for reasonable and responsible conservatives to deal with the “Birther” Problem.


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