Little Grr

August 5, 2009



Tigger, Little Grr. Almost 13 years ago, she left her Georgia home and came to live with us. Nikki was pissed that she had to share her new domain with another *gasp* feline. There went the playmate idea out the window.

Nikki felt it was her obligation to terrorize Little Grr. Little Grr, on the other hand, would exact her revenge and assert her toughness by digging in the flower pots at 2 AM. She was sneaky about it too. I’d wake up to the sound of soft scratching, not move a muscle other than peering through the narrowist of eye slits, only to see Tigger statue-like still, looking at me. After 20 seconds or so, she’d resume her relocating the dirt from the pot to the floor.

I was going through a fairly rough patch at the time. You know, where being thrown into an active volcano would have been easier to manuever.  So, Tigger decided to be a lurker – standing on the outside until the house was asleep and then exploring to her fullest abilities. And as the storm that was eating up my life started to calm, so did she.

When we moved into an apartment where we weren’t supposed to have pets, she insitnctively ran under the bed or into the closet until “stranger danger” went away. She became very cuddly – snuggling right up to us when we watched tv or slept. But, she’s always been very polie about it; she sits at the foot of the bed waiting for any signal at all – the blinking of an eye will do just nicely thank you. And she’s always stiff as a board when you pick her up.

Getting up on the bed has been more difficult for her the last couple of weeks. She’s always managed to stay hidden when she wants to be left alone, so we didn’t think anything unusual when we didn’s see her. Our cats stay inside, so we knew she was around.

She let us know this evening that she didn’t feel well. We’re trying to give her water and soft food, but she wants none of it. She just wants to be petted and then she falls asleep.

Little mama cat, or she seems to think she is to all breathing creatures in the house, is right by Tigger’s side.

 Man, this is really hard. If karma is a bitch, then I wish she’d show her face so that I could punch her into oblivion. What with Baby dying earlier this year, this is just wrong.

Little Grr. Big sadness.


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