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Little Grr

August 5, 2009



Tigger, Little Grr. Almost 13 years ago, she left her Georgia home and came to live with us. Nikki was pissed that she had to share her new domain with another *gasp* feline. There went the playmate idea out the window. Read the rest of this entry ?



May 23, 2009

We have an Akita – a big, loving and lovable, fiercely loyal dog. Mom is a Japanese Akita, Dad is an American Akita, which makes for the beauty that she is. She understands that the cats rule and allows them to romp over and around her; in turn, she occasionally gulps down their food, as her satiety level hasn’t ever been reached in 7 years. While she is sweet, funny, and adorable, make no mistake about it – if you attempt to bring harm to her family, she will take you down.

Living in the kidnap capital of the US and second only to Mexico City in the world, I rest easier knowing she’s on guard.


By the way, she has a secret weapon – her deadly gases will chase everyone out of the room. If she were a human male, she’d be constantly saying, “Pull my finger.” She loves to indulge in a loud burp prior to farting. That’s our girl!